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The air ambulance / emergency charter service is designed to meet the needs of critically wounded or seriously ill patients who are located in an area that a land ambulance cannot easily reach. It may also be used when a patient requires medical care that local healthcare centers cannot provide, in order to move the patient quickly and efficiently to a center with better facilities. We can arrange the most dedicated air ambulance to transport the patient and we strive to ensure that each patient receives the very best of care before, during and after the flight. In case of emergency, please call us on + 971 50 6524565 for immediate assistance.
In order to provide you with a fast and efficient service, please have the following information  ready when you contact us:
  1- What is the patient diagnosis?
  2- The name and contact number for the present treating doctor.
  3- The name and contact number for the hospital where you are going to transport the patient to.
  4- What is your intended date of transport?
  5- How many escorts will accompany the patient?
  6- Nationality and age of the patient

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